Quinker Update

Hi, Quick Update About Quinker

Our current range of computer bags is selling really well. Of course some designs sell better than the others and also some sizes. Funny how what you think might sell does not and visa versa.

So, we are considering dropping some of the print designs and possibly the 17 inch bag.

In the mean time we are looking at a new (green) neoprene made from plants and NOT synthetic. Unfortunately the cost of the material is significantly more than normal neoprene so we are trying to work a deal to get them made at the best price possible. It will be several weeks away before we know if it will be viable. The bags might just be too expensive for the average punter.

Dont let anything stop you from visiting our website here at QuinkerBags to choose yourself, or for someone else,  a nice funky neoprene laptop sleeve.


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